FPi-5600 configured with three stationsFPi 5600 touch screenHigh capacity feeder accepts up to 725 sheets and supports stapled setsHigh capacity vertical exit stacker on FPI 5600Closeup of five feeder stations, including MaxiFeeder



Product Description

FPi 5600 Folder-Inserter

The FPi 5600 turns your mail center into a strategic businesses asset, providing a platform for compiling high volume mass mailings. With an intuitive color touch screen, you don’t have to be a mailroom genius to set up and run powerful mail jobs. (For more demanding circumstances, check out the FPi 6600-2.)

  • Automatically feeds, folds, inserts and seals.
  • Processes up to 4,000 letters per hour.
  • Accepts up to 6 feeder stations.
  • Holds 325-725 sheets per feeder.
  • Large 5.7” color touch screen for simple, intuitive programming and control.
  • Single-fold up to 10 sheets, create tri-panel folds up to 8 sheets.
  • Fill & Start technology automatically measures documents and creates job settings.
  • Allows 25 programmable jobs for setting common insertion tasks with the touch of a button.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) reads coded marks on documents to automatically collate and sequence pages.
  • Proprietary sheet control uses sensitive optical measurements to automatically detect double feeds.

Model Configurations

Model: 5620 5630 5640 5650 5660
2 standard flex 1 high-capacity,
2 standard flex
4 standard flex 1 high-capacity,
4 standard flex
6 standard flex

Technical Specifications

Feeder stations up to 6
Maximum cycles per hour 4,000
Folding capacity with sheets of 20lb. paper up to 10
Job memory capacity 25
Dimensions (approx.) (W x D x H) 16.5“ x 72“ x 36.5“
Maximum weight 242 lbs.
Noise emission in dB (A) according to ISO 11202 < 66
Standard feeder capacity (up to 6) 325
High capacity feeder (with 3 to 5 stations) 725
Height/width 3.5“ to 14“/5.1“ to 9“
Max thickness 2 mm
Machine capacity in pieces 325
Height/width 3.5“ to 6.3“/6.3“ to 9.7“
Max thickness 2.5 mm
Automatic Fill & Start program yes
Feeder Swap tandem operation yes
Miscellaneous daily mail yes
Collate sheets before folding yes
Bottom address optional
Power-fold technology yes
Single, C-, Z-, double-parallel folds yes
No-fold function yes
Fold-only function yes
Short-fold optional
Piece counter yes
Optical Mark Reading (OMR) optional
Divert & Go function prior to folding yes
Electro-Mechanical Double Document Detection yes
Double document detector yes
Insert control yes
Envelope Exit
Vertical stacker capacity C5 /6, 1xA4, multiple fold 325
Envelope hopper C5/6, 1xA4, multiple fold 225
Conveyor collector C5 /6, 1xA4, multiple fold 150


FPi 5600 Brochure