Improve the Safety of Your Water Cooler with a Touchless Foot Pedal

Every office needs a good water cooler to get them though the day. From providing cool and fresh drinking water for your employees, to giving your guests a fresh gulp of water when they come in the door, water coolers are a necessity in the office space and you shouldn’t go without one.

However, with the global pandemic sweeping the nations, traditional water cooler technology is less than ideal and can be seen as a cesspool for germs and other contaminants that can be detrimental to health and wellness.

Water Coolers and Water Cooler Rentals in New Jersey, NJ and New York, NYBut you can’t go without a water cooler for your office, so what can you do? The answer is simple: touchless foot pedals.

Touchless foot pedals are an essential water cooler accessory that can substantially improve the cleanliness and safety of offices. As an integral part of your COVID-19 office management plan, these dual-pedal designs are a hands-free, low-contact solution for keeping your office clean and sanitary.

Installed in minutes, you can enjoy a range of benefits from touchless food pedals such as:

  • 3 second hot water safety features
  • Simple and hands-free water dispensary (cold & hot water)
  • Plug-and-play integration with your existing water cooler

At Document Solutions Business Life Simplified, we ensure that you and your employees are equipped with the resources needed to run business smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Following the reopening of businesses amid the global pandemic, we are doing our part to provide you with the solutions that prevent the spread of germs and promote a safe and healthy office space.

With tools like touchless foot pedals for water coolers, we are keeping up with the demand for safe office equipment that meet the highest standard of safety. Contact us today to learn more about our water cooler solutions for your office in New Jersey (NJ) New York (NY), and the surrounding areas.