Why You Should Make the Switch from a Bottled Water Dispenser to a Bottleless Water Cooler?

Your office needs water cooler technology. As a basic and necessary benefit for your employees, water coolers are key to keeping your employees satisfied and hydrated at all times. But if you’re looking for new water cooler technology, you don’t have to settle for a traditional water dispenser.

Traditional water dispensers, while functional, are not always the most practical solution for your office. From costly delivery to tarnished water supply, traditional water dispensers are on their way out, and bottleless water coolers are becoming standard!

Bottleless Water Cooler in New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY) Here are some reasons why your NJ and/or NY office should make the switch to bottle-less water cooler technology.

  • Quality- The main benefit of bottleless water cooler technology is the improved quality of water that it provides drinkers. With a multi-stage purification system, bottleless systems can remove up to 96% of harmful bacteria and toxins.
  • Economy- Bottleless water cooler technology saves users money in the long-run. Eliminating the need to purchase reusable bottles, offices will never run out of fresh water supply and never have to worry about filling up bottles again.
  • Efficiency- Bottleless water coolers are a green solution for your office that reduces your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment.

At Document Solutions Business Life Simplified, we make business easy for you and your office. By providing bottleless water coolers to New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas, it’s our hope to increase the efficiency of your office and provide you with a fresh, continuous water supply.

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