Bob is all that!

We nominate Bob Moran for Sales/ Support/ Tech and Advisor of the year! Bob is all that. Not only does he know how to size a box for our location, he can also diagnose a problem just by listening to me try and replicate the sound. Bob can configure the Fiery, set up our PC’s and our Mac’s which are wireless and he can set up the paper profiles so the 16pt runs and looks just as well as our 17 lb.. Best of all when I am whining about something being too confusing he has no problem telling me to stop being a snow flake, grow a pair and let someone else do it…BAM!!! I need more people like Bob in my life. There is so much to this guy he is like a human Dagwood sandwich…and I’ll bet this guy makes one hell of a Dagwood sandwich as well. Congratulation Bob on Person of The Year!