A Tech Exceeding Expectations

Mr. Campos,
I am the Network Solutions director for The Genusys Group. I tend to complain quickly about inefficiency or bad techs, but I try to be fair and I requested your email (address) from Patrick. I am taking a moment to commend Patrick on a job well done. [A mutual customer] expects almost perfection from the start and it is sometimes hard to meet that expectation. Patrick met and exceeded that. He is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. He resolved some issues that may have taken a lesser tech a long time. …. This is a satellite office connected via VPN to the main server with scanning also re-directed back to the main office. Again, it posed no difficulty for Patrick. In setting up the new machine he also resolved some network tracking and printing issues that have been in existence since the original systems were setup well over a year ago. Rather than setup the new system incorrectly he did it right and showed me the correction required for the old systems. This had to be done because the new location also had to be able to print to the old system and that is when he discovered the error. In my opinion, he is a highly valuable asset to your company. He presents a very capable and professional front-line face for company. Kudos to Patrick for a job well done