Excellent service!

I have no words to express the great service, professionalism and honest performance shown by Document Solutions -Kevin Roth- in particular, since I meet the company a couple of years ago.

Mine is an educational software company that I started 12 years in Los Angeles, CA, after I resumed my 20 years of teaching courier (during which time, by the way, I was honored with Teacher of the Year award). I bring this comment up, no to praise myself, but to show the demanding nature of my personality. Technology is a tricky business to deal with. Getting to know Document Solutions is the best business decision I have ever taken. This unique company makes true the values of honesty and excellence. No matter what, their outstanding equipment , professional service and dedication, is the best asset to companies like mine, especially nowadays when we have to face the hurdles of this economy. For all of this, guys at Document Solutions, I want to express all my gratitude!

Ramon Abajo
Downhill Publishing LLC