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3D Printers in New York NY

If you need 3D printers in New Jersey, New York, NJ or NY, then Document Solutions can help. They stock and supply a wide selection of 3D printers such as CubePro and Projet. 3D printers enable you to perform rapid prototyping as well as manufacturing. That means you can create not only prototypes, but also specific end products with a 3D printer.

3D printers now find application in just about every field and industry, form engineering to medical, from education to entertainment. 3D printing can help you develop products faster, improve designs, improve production and improve your bottom line.

Architecture is a good example to demonstrate the benefits of 3d printing. You can create designs of buildings and new construction developments quickly and easily. With help of 3d printers and advanced software you can create representations to showcase a planned development, be it a new office complex, a business park, a multi-housing complex, a shopping center, a holiday resort or any other development.

3D printers produce output with plastic and resin materials that are strong and durable. Output in multi-color enables you to highlight and emphasize ideas and improve workflow. Whatever your business or industry, 3D printing will give you the competitive edge when it comes to conceptualisation, design, presentation, manufacture and costs.

CubePro and Projet are big names when it comes to 3D printers. CubePro offers very high resolution and can be used for rapid prototyping and engineering of small and medium sized mechanical components. CubePro is also great for consumer and hobbyist 3D printing.

Project 3D printers can take your projects well beyond hobbyist applications. These commercial 3D printers can make a substantial difference to you design and manufacturing processes. You have an impressive range to select from. You can also select form different technologies. then Document Solutions can advise about the right 3D and technologies for your applications.

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