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VOIP Phone Systems

With VOIP phone systems, you maintain your professionalism — whether in the office or on the go.

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VOIP Phone Systems Answer Business Calls Anywhere


UCaaS Platform

  • No Additional Hardware Required!
  • Free or low-cost long-distance calling
  • 90+ calling features included
  • Easy to use system management portal
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Local US based live support
  • Proprietary ongoing tests for crystal clear call quality

On Premise PBX

  1. Expensive “Start-Up” hardware costs
  2. Vulnerabilities exposed – Non-Updated Firmware
  3. When the Power Goes Down… You Go Down
  4. Limitations in scalability
  5. Unreliable remote work-ability

Hybrid System 

  1. No file sharing
  2. Limited Video Conferencing ability
  3. Very data intensive on network
  4. Proprietary Hardware and/or software
  5. No online (centralized) management portal

Serious Business Calls Require a Serious
Unified Communications Solution

Elevate Cloud Communications

Take your business to the next level with fully integrated unified communications

  • Cloud-based phone service with 90+ enterprise-grade calling features and excellent network call quality and uptime
  • System configuration and call reporting are managed from a single web-based portal
  • Protect your business and increase employee productivity with Spam Caller Protection
Elevate - Desktop App

Elevate Desktop Application Makes Collaboration Easier Than Ever

  • Our desktop app brings essential collaboration tools together, making teamwork easier than ever.
  • See who is available, send and receive chats and text messages, place and receive calls, share screens, start video calls and share files—all from one application.
  • Available for PC or Mac®.

Utilizing your existing internet connection to provide a blend of voice and data traffic onto a single IP circuit. 

  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Supports FXS, PRI, and T1 connections
  • One network connection
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