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Document Solutions Overview

About Us

We are an office technology and IT solutions company providing services to mid-size companies in New York and New Jersey.

Our Mission

to provide you with the right technology for your office support needs and keep it running smoothly, all day, every day. We keep track of innovations and upgrades to your products and processes that will save you time and cut costs.

Our Vision

to drive business growth while fostering a positive impact on the lives of our clients, each other, and the community.

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Why Work with
Document Solutions?

We help businesses upgrade, maintain and troubleshoot their office systems.

We provide trustworthy, timely support.

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your office technology needs.

Behind-the-Scenes Support

Meet the Leaders at Document

Kevin Roth-b&w Kevin Roth-color

Kevin Roth


Kevin O’Connor-b&w Kevin O’Connor-color

Kevin O’Connor

VP of Sales

Jorge Campos-b&w Jorge Campos-color

Jorge Campos

Service Manager

Carl Neil-Holman-b&w Carl Neil-Holman-color

Carl Neil-Holman

Director of Water Sales & Marketing

Eugene Daych-b&w Eugene Daych-color

Eugene Daych

Sales Manager

Jen Casalinouvo-b&w Jen Casalinouvo-color

Jen Casalinouvo

Billing & Quality Manager

CJ Loiacono-b&w CJ Loiacono-color

CJ Loiacono

Operations Manager

Denise Dominguez-b&w Denise Dominguez-color

Denise Dominguez

Administrative Support

Jim Martin-b&w Jim Martin-color

Jim Martin

Customer Advocate

Michelle Aliseo-b&w Michelle Aliseo-color

Michelle Aliseo

Lease Coordinator

Carla Schuenemeyer-b&w Carla Schuenemeyer-color

Carla Schuenemeyer

Team Lead | Marketing & Business Development.

Carmin Roth-b&w Carmin Roth-color

Carmin Roth

Account Manager | Copier & IT Team

Ross Cohen-b&w Ross Cohen-color

Ross Cohen

Account Manager | VoIP Team

Dale Mupo-b&w Dale Mupo-color

Dale Mupo

Account Manager – Water Team

Frank Warren-b&w Frank Warren-color

Frank Warren

Account Manager | Water Team

Michael Burmaster-b&w Michael Burmaster-color

Michael Burmaster

Account Manager | Copier Team

Rich Davis-b&w Rich Davis-color

Rich Davis

Account Manager | Copier Team

Alvin Madison-b&w Alvin Madison-color

Alvin Madison

Sr. Marketing Executive

Duane Hand-b&w Duane Hand-color

Duane Hand

Account Manager – Water Team

Career Opportunities


VoIP Specialist

Job Type: Full Time
Office Equipment/Copier & Printers/VOIP/Managed IT
Office Equipment/Copier & Printers/VOIP/Managed IT
Office Equipment/Copier & Printers/VOIP/Managed IT
Office Equipment/Copier and Printer Repair
Office Equipment/Copier and Printer Repair
Water Coolers


Why Work for Document Solutions?

  1. You’ll be immersed in an innovative team-centric culture.
  2. We’re dedicated to bringing community and business together.
  3. You decide how high you want to climb, and Document Solutions provides you the resources necessary to succeed.
  4. As an equal opportunity employer, we’re committed to fostering a diverse and welcoming workspace.
  5. Comprehensive compensation and benefit plans.
  6. We value our talented employees and treat everyone like family – maybe better!
  7. Ready to Join the Team?
23+ Years at your service

Industries We Serve

With over 23 years of innovation, our office solutions help clients from different industries

Document Solutions is an
Award-Winning, Certified Partner


Pro-Tech Awards

We are proud partners of trusted brands and have received more than 15 consecutive Pro-Tech Awards for service excellence.


Current Average
Response Time

Our technicians are all factory trained and have professional certifications.


NPS Score

According to Net Promoter Score, the world standard for measuring customer satisfaction, we are in the top 10% of service providers worldwide.

Join Our Social Community

We support the causes and missions that are important to our team and our community by volunteering, sponsoring and getting involved with sponsorship activities.