• This type of backup will copy all of your information so that when the time comes that a restore is needed, this will have everything included. Unlike the flat-file backup which only saves the files, this will save the software and the files.
  • This is based on the number of servers that need to be backed up and the amount of data that needs to be backed up.
  • 24/7 monitoring for all covered devices, anti-spam software, antivirus software, patch management, backup/disaster recovery, unlimited help desk support etc.
  • There are mainly two types of backup solutions. One is flat file. One is image. Both options can have local storage and cloud as well.
  • This is a type of backup where only the files are saved. These files can be saved on a local pc, separate hard drive or in the cloud. With this type of backup, when the files need to be restored, the entire IT architecture will need to be reinstalled. That means all of the software that that was compromised will need to be reinstalled prior to being able to recover the backed up flat files.
  • With managed IT, the entire network would be under 24/7 surveillance providing a proactive response to any network issues that come up whereas break fix would be when a service call is placed because there is already an issue that needs attention.
  • Elevate Desktop App: Click-To-Call Request Is Handled By Another App

    If Elevate app is not opened with phone number dialed in it when using click-to-call functionality, reasons for that may vary depending on your operating system:
    • Windows
    • Mac OS
    Note: if no app is opened when you click on the phone number from the website this means that link has not been embedded by developers into the text which contains this phone number. You will want to use a third-party browser extension to convert phone numbers into clickable links.


    • Check that your computer is running Windows version 8.1 or higher
    • If another app is opened when you click on the number, default calling app needs to be switched  to Elevate desktop app under Windows settings

    Mac OS

    • If another app is opened when you click on the number, the default calling app needs to be switched to Elevate desktop app under Preferences of the current default app.
    • If another app is still opened with another app, this probably means that website is using CALLTO: type of links instead of TEL:. The third-party application needs to be used to set Elevate app as the default app for handling CALLTO: links.
  • Elevate Desktop App: Troubleshooting Outlook Integration Issues

    This article describes the troubleshooting steps for issues with Outlook Integration with Elevate desktop app. Some of the issues that you might encounter include:
    • Presence is not available or incorrect in Outlook application;
    • Calls initiated via Outlook are not placed via Elevate Desktop application;
    • Click-to-chat functionality does not initiate a chat via Elevate Desktop application.
    To troubleshoot Outlook integration issues follow the steps listed below one by one and see if the problem persists after each step:
    1. Verify that the latest version of Elevate is installed.
    2. Verify that Microsoft Outlook integration is enabled. To check this in the Elevate Desktop app click on your Profile picture > Integrations. If Microsoft Outlook integration box is not checked, check it to enable the integration. Important: Admin Rights are required for Intergation installation. settings
    3. Make sure that your computer and your Outlook meet the System Requirements. Note: Elevate Desktop integration with Outlook is only available for Windows.
    4. Check if  ElevateOfficeIntegration  process, which is responsible for integration, is running on your machine. It can be found in Task Manager > Processes in the list of Background processes or in the list of Apps under the main Elevate process. If the process is not running, restart Elevate Desktop app and Outlook. Task Manager
    5. Check if there are any programs that could be conflicting with Elevate for Outlook integration, like Skype for Business. In this case, the program that was installed the latest takes over the integration. If you installed such software after enabling Elevate Desktop integration with Outlook, try re-enabling the integration or check with the software provider if their integration can be disabled.
    6. If a call initiated via Outlook goes to another IM (e.g Skype/Lync), then the registry change is needed.
      • Open regedit: to do so, click the Start button and then in the Start Menu, either in the Run box or in the Search box, type regedit and press Enter. Create the registry backup. Note: you can skip this step, however, we highly recommend to back up the registry before you proceed to modifying its entries.regedit
      • Navigate to \HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\IM Providers
      • Change DefaultIMApp to DesktopCommunicatordefault
      • Change PreviousImProvider - Skype or Lync, depending on what you have.previous
      • Please note, the registry will only look like that if you already have Elevate Outlook integration enabled.
      • Reboot your Outlook and Elevate.
    In case if these steps do not resolve the issue, collect Elevate Desktop application logs and provide them to Support with a detailed description of the issue for further investigation.
    1. Open the application.
    2. Click on the Profile picture.
    3. Navigate to the Application Settings tab.
    4. Check box for Create detailed log. Logs tracking will start. Important: Make sure to reproduce the issue after you enabled the detailed logs.
    5. Click on the Export logs to file button.
    Export   To gather the application version click on your Profile picture:   App_version

    Collecting logs if the application does not start.

    If it is not possible to launch the application, you can collect logs and the application version manually.

    Windows Application version

    1. Locate the Elevate UC shortcut
    2. Open the shortcut properties
    3. Click on Open File Location under the Shortcut tabFile_location
    4. Right-click on the actual .exe file to open properties
    5. Open the Details tab and collect the Product VersionVersion

    Windows logs

    1. Open an Explorer window
    2. In the address bar, enter:%appdata%\Elevate UC\logsLogs
    3. Collect all files in this folder.

    Mac application version

    1. Go to Finder > Go > Applications
    2. Locate the Elevate UC shortcut application
    3. Command-click on it and then click on Get Info
    4. Collect the version number.Mac_Version

    Mac logs

    1. Go to Finder > Go > Go to Folder...
    2. Enter the following in the opened window: ~Library/Application Support/Elevate UC/logsLibrary
    3. Collect all files from this folder

    Sending the Diagnostic Report to Support

    Important: Make sure to include the following information in addition to log files:
    • Application version
    • OS version
    • Computer type (laptop/desktop)
    • Utilized call mode (softphone/call controller)
    • Call view (if receptionist view is switched on)
    If you have issues with application performance, add the following information:
    • Computer specs (CPU, RAM, HDD/SSD, Screen resolution)
    • The approximate number of users in your organization using phone services and application
    To send the application logs to support, click on your profile picture, then use the Send feedback option in the application itself and attach the previously generated log file and the application version to the email. If the application does not start, send the email with the detailed issue description and the attached logs to the YOUR COMPANY support.
  • Admin can create additional contacts that would be available for calling and visible to all Elevate users within the organization. Note: if you have an Exchange Service on your account, an Admin can create Company Contacts. If at least one phone number is mentioned, Company Contacts will be available for call for all Users on the account in both Desktop and Mobile applications. To create a new contact, log in to CONTROL PANEL and follow the steps below:
    1. Navigate to Users
    2. Click + Create User button
    3. Once user is created fulfill personal information of the user:
      1. Set user name
      2. Set unique a-mail address
      3. Define password
    4. Enable Cloud PBX services
    5. Click Create user button
    Once done, the contact can be found from the Users in the CONTROL PANEL. Note: the newly created contact will be available for all users within the organization in Elevate Desktop/Mobile Apps after re-login to the apps. If you want to add a phone number to the user, follow the steps below:
    1. Press on the user's display name
    2. Press on Edit user info
    3. Enter the phone number into Home Phone field
    4. Press the Save Changes button
    Note: it is not obligatory to assign the number to the user, for the user to appear in contact list.
  • Elevate Desktop App: Cannot Find A Contact

    Elevate desktop app starts searching when you typed at least three symbols. If you unable to find follow the steps below:
    1. Ensure you are looking for a contact listed for your organization.
    2. Check if you are using the correct view type: Contact or Group.
    3. Check with your Account's Admin if the contact you are looking for is listed as User for your organization's account.
    Note: Elevate desktop app can only find contacts having at least one phone number.
  • In order to start troubleshooting you need to classify what kind of non-delivered messages you have:
    • Messages are marked as delivered to the server, but never marked as read
    • Messages are marked as Non-delivered in the Desktop app
    Messages are marked as delivered to server, but never marked as read
    1. Check if another person is Online (a person needs to come Online to read your messages from Server).
    2. Check if another person has the latest Desktop application or Mobile app with Chat functionality added.
    Messages are marked as Non-delivered in the Desktop app
    1. Hit Resend option. If the message is still shown as non-delivered proceed with the next steps.
    2. Check internet connection on your computer.
    3. Check if your Presence status is Online or Busy or On Call (displayed on Avatar in the left-bottom corner of the app screen).
    4. Perform Logout and repeat Login to the application.
    In case the problem is not solved please provide us with the application log file.
  • Elevate Desktop App: Always Offline

    Your presence status is displayed on the avatar in the left bottom corner of the app. When the application is running your presence status could be displayed as one of the following states:
    • Available
    • Away
    • On a call
    • Busy
    • Offline
    • In a Meeting
    • Screen Sharing
    • On break
    • Do not disturb
    • Out sick
    • On vacation
    • Off work
    If your presence status is displayed as Offline:
    • Check internet connection on your computer
    • Perform Logout and repeat Login to the application
    In case the problem is not solved please provide us with the application log file.
  • Elevate Desktop App: User Cannot Log In If the user cannot log in to Elevate Desktop App, it may indicate connectivity issues that don't allow the user to authenticate. Check that the PC has a stable connection to the internet. If it does, however, the issue is persistent, try the following:
    1. Check that Elevate service is enabled in CONTROL PANEL and the user has a phone number assigned. Note: only account administrator can check if the service is enabled.
    2.  Check if you can log in with the same login and password to My Services. If you cannot, your credentials do not seem to be valid. Consider resetting the password by pressing Forgot password? link at the bottom of My Services page or from the Desktop app. Note: a user needs to have an alternate email address or mobile phone number assigned to them in order to be able to reset the password. Account administrators are able to reset a user's password, if needed.
    3. Reinstall the application. Make sure that you are using Elevate Desktop Application.
    In case the problem is not resolved, contact Support.
  • Elevate Desktop App: Cannot Start Meeting
    1. Check your Internet connection. If possible, switch to another network and check if the issue persists.
    2. Try restarting the application.
    3. Check if you have another meeting already running:
      • on another mobile device
      • via Online Meeting on the mobile device
      • via the desktop application
      • via the browser
      It is not allowed to have two meetings running at the same time for one account. The old meeting should be finished and the meeting's window should be closed before the new meeting window can be opened.
    4. If none of these steps resolve the issue, gather Diagnostic Logs and provide them to Support with a detailed explanation of the issue.
  • You can configure your audio settings in the Elevate app so that you hear your call audio from one device and all other sounds (e.g. notifications and voicemails) from another device. In order to do so, you would need to go to the Settings tab > Audio settings and choose the device you want to hear the call audio through. Then, all other sounds will go through your default audio device that is set in your OS settings

    I have changed my Default audio device in my OS settings. But I hear my calls in Elevate from another device, why?
    This means that you have already changed audio settings in Elevate at least once. In this case, there is no synchronization between OS settings and Elevate settings. You need to change your Elevate Audio device to Default (or Communication Default on Windows) in Elevate settings for the app to follow the OS.
    I have changed my Default communication device in my Windows settings. But these changes do not affect Elevate at all. Why? This happens when the Elevate Audio output/input settings are set to anything except default Communication device. comms How can I change a device to hear my voicemail playback, call ringing, voicemail and chat notifications? You need to select another Windows default audio device Can I select an audio device for Elevate ringing (voicemails playback, chat notifications) different from the device for other sounds? No, all sounds in Elevate except calls are managed by OS default audio device. How can I change a device to hear my calls in Elevate without affecting another app? You need to select a desirable non-default device in Elevate Audio settings How can I manage my Elevate Audio setting in call controller mode? While call controller mode, you hear the call through the selected call controller device. To change the source of ringing or voicemail playback in Elevate you need to change your default audio device in Windows settings. What should I do, if I want to hear my voicemails and calls through the same audio device? This means that you have already changed audio settings in Elevate at least once. In this case, there is no synchronization between OS settings and Elevate settings. You need to change your Elevate Audio device to Default (or Communication Default on Windows) in Elevate settings for the app to follow the OS.
  • Most copiers come with the ability to print to them wirelessly. Some manufacturers require an additional piece of hardware in order to make this work.
  • The machine is initially assembled and prepared for delivery through your serving dealer. Typically, the vendor will get in touch with the provided IT contact to obtain network settings. Those are then input in the machine prior to delivery assuring that when the equipment is delivered it is plug and play. Most companies will have an analyst come out to the installing location to help with the network setup if there is no IT contact provided.
  • The error message will typically show what steps are needed to clear the error. once you follow the prompts and the error still occurs, the first troubleshooting step would be to turn the machine off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. If the error message is still visible, please contact your servicing dealer.
  • Most deliveries take 7-10 business days, There have been cases where it has been less than 7-10 days, but that’s a good rule of thumb to go by.
  • Most machines have the capability to report vital information including things like toner levels. Check with your provider to ensure that your equipment has that capability.
  • Leases can be anywhere form 12-63 months with 60 and 36 being the most common. The shorter the lease term, the higher the payment.
  • It’s a fee to help cover the costs associated with shipping the supplies to your office.
  • This can be accomplished sometimes by providing a personal guarantee of the owner to get a credit approval or a month to month rental.
  • This is a fee which is accessed on the first invoice of any copier lease. This is a way for the leasing company to recover expenses from administrative fees.
  • This is a pro-rated amount of the customer agreed upon monthly rental fee.
  • Leasing companies require that lessors show them proof of coverage for the value of the copier. The value is the monthly payment x the term of the lease, so if you’re paying $150 per month, and the lease is 60 months, your insurance broker should be able to provide the banks with certification that you have enough “CONTENT INSURANCE” to cover the replacement value of that lease.
  • Fees to expect on your first bill would be: Documentation Fee, Transitional Billing, Monthly Rental Fee, Insurance, Tax.
  • Components can be added in multiple ways. You can purchase the component outright and have your servicing deal install it. You can also add the cost of the component to the existing lease. The customer will need to sign documents which indicate what they are adding and how much will be added to the lese payment.
  • The common business practice is for a leasing company to bill one month forward therefore on the first lease payment you may see a transitional billing amount. Equipment Leases are typically billed on the same day of the month for all customers.
  • At the end of a 10% Lease option, the customer will have the ability to purchase the leased equipment for a pre-determined value equal to 10% of the original lease cost.
  • At the end of a FMV the leasing company will determine the fair market value of the leased equipment.
  • All leases are non-cancelable as per the terms and conditions of the original lease agreement. If the customer wants to return the copier prior to lease expiration, the customer will need to reach out to the leasing company directly. In most cases the stream of payments and a residual amount will need to be satisfied to terminate the lease early.
  • based on the terms and conditions of the original lease agreement the residual value will be either $1-Out, 10% or Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • At the end of a $1-Out lease, the customer will keep their leased equipment after the final $1 lease invoice is satisfied.
  • Sample RA Instructions
  • It is the customer’s obligation to contact the leasing company either by phone, email or certified mail to obtain the Return Instructions (RA) and ship the equipment to a location designated by the leasing company. RA instructions will only be provided once the final lease invoice has been satisfied. Typically, the customer would call the leasing company within the notification period specified in the terms and conditions of the original “Lease Agreement”, and provide them with a written Letter of Intent (LOI) indicating their end of lease option.