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Managed IT

  • Proactive monitoring to increase uptime
  • Sustain stable and secure IT structure
  • Preventive maintenance and software updates
  • Support for end-user problems
  • Reduce the frequency and severity of common problems
  • Access to a highly trained team of IT specialists
  • Increased security of your IT environment

Do It Yourself

  1. Keep an IT manager on staff full-time
  2. Risk system failure and IT emergencies
  3. Lose data
  4. Slow network or downtime
  5. Overdue software updates
  6. Networks and information are insecure

Reactive IT

  1. Call IT as needed when problems arise
  2. Reactive approach
  3. Overdue software updates
  4. Risk system failure and IT emergencies
  5. Lose data

Your Managed IT
Services Provider For


IT Security

  1. Dark Web Monitoring
  2. Email, content filtering
  3. Universal Deployment of Anti-spam, Anti-malware, Anti-Spyware
  4. Enterprise Remote monitoring agent
Server Management (1)
Server Management
and Network Maintenance

Server Management and Network Maintenance

  1. Weekly deployment of Microsoft patches via group management policy.
  2. Implementation of operating system and application upgrades
  3. Regular cleaning of temporary folders and files
  4. Notification of service issues discovered through monitoring and the resolution thereof
  5. Network Devices, End User and Mobile Devices
    • Monitor supported Firewalls, Routers, and Managed Switches, Access Points.
    • Manage and remediate issues or problems related to supported network devices.
    • Manage firewall rules and built-in security services.
    • Provide support for connectivity to servers, printers and the Internet.
    • Inventory of computer hardware and software
    • Maintenance and updates of included software
server-management copy
Configuration and Support of
Remote Office Environment

Configuration and support of remote office/workers environment

  1. Enablement of VPN and secure access to office network
  2. Deployment of mobile/remote working devices (computers, phones, etc.)
  3. Support corporate network connectivity and email synchronization for phones and tablets running Windows Mobile, iOS, or Android operating systems
  4. Implementation of collaboration tools (MS Sharepoint, G-Suite, Datto workspace etc.)
Configuration and support (1)

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Security penetration testing, risk assessment, and dark web search

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