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Drinking Water Filter System: Types, Benefits + Our Clean Drinking Water Solutions

A drinking water filter system helps you cut costs, encourages sustainability and provides access to clean water that boosts your overall health

The global water filters market is estimated to reach $18.50 billion  by 2026, thanks to high demand and affordable pricing.

Installing a drinking water filter system in your home or office can help rid your drinking water of harmful contaminants and ensure it’s fresh, clean and safe to drink.

Here, we will cover types of water filters, share the benefits of switching to pure water technology and detail the key differences between our DS BLS solutions vs. other popular brands.

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What Is A Drinking Water Filter System?

Water filtration is the process of reducing or eliminating common water contaminants such as parasites, viruses, dirt and chemicals.

Depending on the source of your drinking water, it’s likely that these contaminants are more common than you think.

A high-quality drinking water filter system can help ensure the water you put in your body is clean and healthy — but not all systems are created equal.

5 Types Of Drinking Water Filter Systems

From mechanical filters to reverse osmosis filters, here are five different types of water filters.

1. Mechanical Filters

A mechanical filter is designed to get rid of any solid particle with the use of a barrier. Filters range from mesh, which removes large debris, to ceramic, which filters out small organisms like pathogens and viruses.

Mechanical filters are appointed with a micron rating, which represents how effective they are regarding the size of the particles they can filter out.

Common micron ratings include:

  • 5 micron – removes particles that are visible to the human eye
  • 1 micron – removes particles that can only be seen using a microscope
  • 0.5 micron – removes water-borne parasites including cryptosporidium and giardia

Mechanical filters are common in industrial settings with corrosive environments, such as the mining, food and beverage and medical industries.

2. Absorption Filters

An absorption filter or a carbon absorption filter is the most common type of water filter. Absorption filters remove contaminants that can cause an unpleasant smell or taste in your water, including chlorine.

3. Sequestration Filters

Sequestration is the process of chemically separating a substance using polyphosphate, an additive that helps improve the quality of your water.

Polyphosphates are primarily used in scaling filters to eliminate corrosion and limescale that are caused by minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

4. Ion Exchange Filters

Ion exchange filters soften hard water by interchanging calcium and magnesium ions with other ions, including hydrogen and sodium ions.

Unlike sequestration filters that chemically remove hard minerals, ion exchange filters physically eliminate them. These filters decrease limescale and are useful for commercial coffee machines, where water is always at a high temperature.

5. Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis filters eliminate water contaminants such as chlorine and sediments via pressure, by using a semipermeable membrane.

During the reverse osmosis process, water passes through from the side that has more contaminants to the side that is less concentrated. When water passes to the other side of the semipermeable membrane, it provides you with clean drinking water.

Some water filter types are able to remove more contaminants than others

3 Benefits Of A Drinking Water Filter System

Did you know that bottled water outranks softdrinks as the most favored packaged beverage in America? In fact, nine out of 10 Americans prefer bottled water to be available in all stores that sell beverages.

While bottled water may be convenient, especially for people who are always on the go, it poses many risks to the environment and is ultimately a more expensive option.

Why switch to a drinking water filter system? 

1. It Saves You Money

A recent report found that Americans spend a whopping $16 billion on bottled water. While water is a beverage you can’t live without, you do have alternative options to cut down on costs.

Enter drinking water filter systems: A method that allows you to save more while having access to clean and filtered water.

In fact, at DS BLS, you could save up to 70% by switching to a bottleless water cooler.

2. It Encourages Sustainability

In 2018, plastic packages and containers were at an all-time high, of 14.5 million tons in America alone.

With a drinking water filter system, plastic bottles are long gone.

Our drinking water filter system at DS BLS simply needs a water line from your local water source in your home or office to provide you with clean water. Not only is it convenient, it’s sustainable.

3. It Provides You With Clean Water To Boost Your Overall Health

It is no secret that access to clean water is a health crisis in underdeveloped countries.

According to a 2019 report by the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of three people don’t have access to safe drinking water.

With our DS BLS solutions, you can be sure that dirt, harmful chemicals and even unpleasant taste is removed from your drinking water, from waterborne diseases to lead, ammonia and more.

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Safe Drinking Water Solutions At DS BLS vs. Other Popular Brands

What makes our solutions at DS BLS stand out from the rest? As mentioned above, not all water filters, dispensers or coolers are created equal.

Our state-of-the-art technology, such as our Cleancontact™ anti-microbial service, activated oxygen self-cleaning and Blüv protection, allow us to provide advanced features and benefits for our customers.

Most water dispensers on the market perform basic functions that include simple heating and cooling capacities.

But at DS BLS, our bottleless water coolers not only promise fresh, clean water, but they provide a healthy environment thanks to our four-stage filtration and purification process, optional pH boost, self-cleaning technology and touchless interaction.

We offer safe and hygienic touchless water filling stations that:

  • Eliminate the need for water bottle storage
  • Reduce workplace injuries by removing the need to lift heavy water jugs
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Reduce the spread of germs with the use of the antimicrobial touchpad feature
  • Provide unlimited pure water at one price
  • Remove lead from your water
  • Use pedal-operated touchless water dispensers and sensor dispensers for a hands-free solution
At DS BLS, our drinking water filter systems offer advanced technology to provide advanced features and benefits

When you purchase a bottleless water cooler at DS BLS, you benefit from:  

  • Touchless sensor activation: Our water coolers are hygienic and provide touch-free operation
  • Cleancontact™ anti-microbial service: Our water coolers maintain cleanliness by using an organic anti-microbial coating that protects against cross-contamination of germs
  • 24/7 system monitoring: We ensure that your water cooler has the best system performance and water quality
  • Service notification light: With our technology, your water cooler will notify you when service is needed
  • Activated oxygen self-cleaning: Our water coolers are equipped with advanced technology to maintain water cleanliness
  • Advanced drip tray: A high-capacity drip tray helps eliminate the need for constant emptying
  • High capacity: Our water coolers can store up to three gallons of water, ensuring a constant water supply
  • Optimal dispense height and area: An ergonomic design leads to “no-bend” dispensing
  • Dispense area light: The dispensing area is illuminated for precise dispensing
  • Blüv protection: Our water coolers emit a safe UV light during the purification process, killing harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Pure touch dispenser: An ideal dispense height and large dispense area prevents contamination of the dispense nozzle
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Takeaways On Drinking Water Filter Systems

Unlike other water filters, coolers and dispensers on the market, our DS BLS solutions not only eliminate harmful containments from your drinking water, they can also help cut costs, increase safety through touchless interaction and more.

While traditional water coolers have been an office staple for years, the technology provided by our bottleless water coolers allows us to provide safer and more sustainable access to clean drinking water.

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