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Pure Water Technology: Benefits, Features To Look For And The Purification Process

Some of the key benefits of purified water include promoting healthier skin and protecting you from contaminants that are often found in water

Did you know that millions of people in the United States are drinking water that’s unsafe to drink?

Pure water technology removes contaminants like chlorine, microplastics and heavy metals from your water, to make sure it’s safe to drink.

Here, we will share six benefits of drinking purified water, must-have features to look for in a water purifier, the step-by-step process of the purification process and details about our own pure water technology solutions at DS BLS.

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4 Benefits Of Purified Water

Purified water offers numerous benefits, from a better taste to protection from contaminants and more. Here are four key benefits of drinking purified water:

 1. Helps Prevent Digestive Issues & Detoxify Your Body

Many digestive problems, such as constipation, are a result of inadequate water intake. In fact, being dehydrated is the top cause of constipation.

Enter purified water. Clean water helps your body break down food while absorbing its nutrients.

It also contributes to healthy kidney function, which is key to flushing toxins out of your body on a regular basis.

2. Eliminates Chlorine

Drinking water comes from various sources, from lakes and wells to rivers and streams. While moving through piping to get to homes and businesses, the water can become contaminated with various disease-causing germs. In order to remove those germs, the public water system adds chlorine and chloramine.

The problem with this so-called solution? A 2020 study found that carcinogenic byproducts are produced when chlorine is added to drinking water.

While four milligrams of chlorine per liter in drinking water is considered “safe,” chlorine is still considered to be harmful to children, immunocompromised adults and pets.

So how is chlorine eliminated with a water purifier?

In the purification stage, water is first filtered to remove dirt, rust and other impurities. The water then goes through a carbon filter, which removes particles such as heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine.

The result? Pure drinking water, free of chlorine and other contaminants.

3. Protects You From Microplastics & Heavy Metals

Did you know that bottled and tap water contain microplastic particles and heavy metals?

According to a 2018 study, out of 259 bottled waters sold in nine countries, 93% contained microplastic particles.

Some of the plastic particles didn’t even need a magnifying glass to be seen.

Because of unsystematic human activities such as consumer and industrial waste, the geochemical and biochemical balance of heavy metals, including lead, copper, cadmium, mercury and arsenic have been disrupted, causing these metals to enter the water system.

A water purifier plays a key role in eliminating contaminants such as microplastics and heavy metals, from your drinking water.

4. Promotes Healthier Skin And Hair

Drinking purified water helps you achieve healthier-looking skin by keeping your body hydrated and refreshed. It improves the moisture and elasticity of your skin, which results in a clearer, more youthful appearance.

What happens to your skin if you drink water that isn’t purified? You might risk hives, dry skin and other issues, due to a reaction of the possible contaminants.

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The Pure Water Technology Process

Wondering how tap water becomes purified water? We’ll breakdown the purification process.

Pure Water Technology Filtration Process

At DS BLS, we constantly strive to create state-of-the-art water solutions to ensure purified water is available for everyone.

Enter the PW90 Series Touchless Water Purifier, the most hygienic, ergonomic and technologically advanced water dispenser in the industry that is equipped with touch-free dispense activation.

The PW90 Series comes in two variations: PW90-M Touchless Water Filtration System and the PW90-R Touchless Water Purification System.

Here’s the step-by-step process of how the PW90-M Touchless Water Filtration System works:

  1. Unfiltered Water: First, your purification system takes your tap or unfiltered water and eliminates minerals such as calcium and magnesium that form hard water. Floc or larger particles are formed in this stage.
  2. Sediment Filter: Because of the floc’s weight, the larger particles settle at the bottom of the tank. This is the stage where rust, silt and other types of dirt are filtered.
  3. Carbon Block Filter: Next, any traces of sediments are further removed. The carbon filtration process removes organics, chemicals and other pollutants such as chlorine, lead, solvents and even parasites and bacteria.
  4. Granular Activated Carbon Filter: In this stage, a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove any impurities present in the water. Water is also polished in this step for that fresh taste.
  5. Activated Oxygen: Finally, you’ll have your clean water. With our activated oxygen technology, we continue to maintain your water keeping your water filtration system clean and fresh.

Pure Water Technology Purification Process

While the purification process isn’t much different from the pure water technology filtration process, there are additional steps that are included in the PW90-R Touchless Water Purification System:

  • 0.0001 Micron Membrane: After the Carbon Block Filter stage, an additional stage reduces dissolved metals, arsenic and inorganic salts including sodium, carbonates, sulfates and nitrates.
  • Boost™ Filter: This is an optional feature of the PW90-R touchless water purifier that adds minerals, electrolytes and alkaline to your water for optimal benefits.
The technologically advanced process of our PW90 series ensures you have pure, safe drinking water

What Features Should You Look For In Pure Water Technology?

From storage capacity to maintenance costs, here are the top features to look out for when choosing the best touchless water purifier:

  • Purification process: The more filtration stages, the purer the water gets. You want to make sure the system you choose is able to produce pure water, every single time. Some filtration systems have auto flush timers that ensure constant water purification and maintenance. Our PW90 series offers an auto-circulation freshness cycle. It uses state-of-the-art technology to consistently maintain fresh filters and water lines.
  • Water recovery: It’s normal for some level of water to be wasted. But, exactly how much water gets wasted from the purification process? Look for a system that wastes as little water as possible. At DS BLS, XYZ
  • Storage capacity: Storage capacity is another factor to consider. Depending on how many people will be using the system and how often, you may want to opt for a larger tank.
  • Size and maintenance requirements: Is your kitchen or office break room big enough for your purified water unit? Are there any specific requirements needed from your end in terms of water pressure and water inlet or outlet? Ask your provider these questions to avoid any surprises of additional costs once you make your purchase.
  • Maintenance costs: If you purchase a pure water technology system, keep in mind the upfront and maintenance costs that come along with it. Think of it as an investment. Not only will it save you from the hassle of constantly ordering water bottles once you run out of drinking water, but it will also keep you and those around you safe from the risks that come with unfiltered water.

Pure Water Technology At DS BLS

At DS BLS, we offer pure water technology solutions, touchless water filling stations and touchless water dispensers in the New York and New Jersey area to provide access to clean water that’s hygienic and technologically advanced.

At DS BLS, our touchless pure water technology systems:

  • Eliminate social interaction from bottled water deliveries
  • Remove water contaminants
  • Reduce the spread of germs thanks to technologically-advanced features such as the anti-microbial surface, touch-free sensors, daily clean and deep-clean cycles
  • Provide unlimited and delicious purified water at one price
  • Use touchless water purifiers for a hands-free solution
At DS BLS, our touchless water purifiers eliminate water contaminants, providing you only the safest drinking water

When you purchase the PW90 Series Touchless Water Purifier at DS BLS, you benefit from:

  • Touchless sensor activation: Our touchless water purification and filtration systems are hygienic and offer touch-free operation
  • Activated oxygen self-cleaning: Our systems are equipped with advanced technology that maintains water cleanliness and freshness by circulating water that cleans tanks and lines
  • 24/7 system monitoring: We ensure that your touchless water purifier has the best system performance and water quality with real-time updates on the LCD screen
  • Anti-microbial surfaces: You won’t have to worry about germs, bacteria or viruses on your touchless water purifier thanks to the anti-microbial surfaces
  • Advanced filtration or purification technology: Whether you purchase the PW90-R or PW90-M touchless water system, we ensure that your unit meets the highest proprietary, multi-stage filtration and osmosis process that is certified to industry standards
  • High-capacity drip tray: A high-capacity drip tray prevents the need for constant emptying
  • Energy-saving mode: Our touchless water purification and filtration systems have a built-in eco mode for reduced power consumption
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Wrapping Up On Pure Water Technology

With the shocking amount of people in the U.S. who are drinking water that is unsafe, pure water technology is a worthwhile investment.

The six benefits of purified water include:

  • Helps prevent digestive issues & detoxify your body
  • Eliminates chlorine from your drinking water
  • Protects you from microplastics & heavy metals
  • Promotes healthier skin & hair

From reducing the spread of germs in your office to removing harmful contaminants in your water, our touchless water purifier solutions at DS BLS have you covered.

Our experts will not only install your touchless water purifier, but we’ll also maintain it in top shape.

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