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How2 App Simplifies Use of Bizhub MFPs

It seems that there is an app for everything these days.  We count calories on apps, we remotely control our lights and thermostats with apps, there is even an app to warm our hands in the winter.  Apps make life simple and efficient by putting entertainment, information, and tasks literally at our fingertips 24/7. Society demands simplicity and speed.  Maintaining a competitive edge in business means finding innovative ways to simplify our very busy lives.

Konica Minolta has done just that by creating the How2 app to simplify the use of Bizhub MFPs.  This free tool enables users to view step-by-step video tutorials and printable PDF instructions for common functions of their BizHub MFP.  Individual users can learn the relevant functions of their machine without having to endure long group training sessions or wade through bulky instruction manuals.  It puts control of the machine completely  in the hands of the user when the user needs it most. It is precisely that control over the basics that decreases stress and increases productivity.

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