3d Printers and related services in New York and New Jersey

3D printers for concept modelling and fast product development

Document Solutions can help you with 3D printers and applications in Edison NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Kenilworth NJ, Livingston NJ, Summit NJ or Woodbridge NJ.  They also offer comprehensive document and office management solutions.

3D printing developed because of the need for faster and more cost-effective prototyping.  This spends up product development and reduces costs. 3D printing also makes it easier to produce multiple iterations of a product. Today 3D printing finds application in just about every industry from medical to education, from automotive to robotics, from textile to construction.

There are countless possibilities for 3D printing in product development and manufacturing. Everything from concept models to creating end-use products are within the domain of 3D printing.

Normally you would have to spend time and money to machine or mold your prototype. Now you can simply design it with some CAD software and then print the object on a suitable 3D printer. 3D printing is great for concept modelling and physical testing.

For example, 3D printing can be used to produce scale models of buildings and related structures. It can be used to make educational models such as the enlargement of molecular structures. Certain on-demand products can be printed in real-time.

Konica Minolta brings the ProJet series of 3D printers to the market. For example, the ProJet 860 Pro generates output in full-color CMYK and can produce 96 prototypes per build. This is a great 3D printer for manufacturing design and related application.

If you want high speed 3D printing with maximum definition, then the ProJet 3500 HDMAX is the beast for the job.  This printer can produce large high-definition products in durable materials for creating prototypes, testing samples and castings. The printer also ships with ProJet Accelerator Software for easy build job setup, submission and job queue management.