3i Pure Water Technology for Your Filtered Water Cooler

The proverbial water cooler is a staple in every office kitchen. Whether it’s the spot to catch up with your colleagues or a pit stop to fill your glass, it’s an important part of the office environment. Many offices still use the old fashion 40-pound water jugs, which need to be replaced when the bottle is empty. That original system doesn’t offer filtered water and is an open system which means it is susceptible to germs. The experts at Document Solutions will work with your New York and New Jersey offices to upgrade your water cooler system to a 3i Pure Water Filtered Water Cooler, which doesn’t require heavy lifting.

Bottleless Water Cooler and Water Coolers in New York and New JerseyCost-Effective and Efficient Pure Water

Upgrading to the 3i Pure Water Filtered Water Cooler eliminates contamination and provides a healthier source of filtered water for your employees. No need to store large, heavy water bottles, because this system doesn’t require them and never runs out of water.

This 3i Pure Water Technology also eliminates the need to sanitize the holding tank because it provides an auto-tank sanitization.

  • There’s no guessing or keeping a calendar to know when the filter needs to be changed.
  • The filter replacement notification light will indicate when it’s time for a filter change.

Document Solutions’ technicians will also point out the ergonomic design and ample fill station height, allowing for filling small cups to large reusable water bottles, without having to juggle the bottle sideways to refill. This added height prevents the top of your reusable bottle from touching the dispenser, avoiding contamination, and with four levels of light brightness options, you will be able to see what you are doing.

Preventing the spread of germs is high priority in an office environment, and 3i Pure Water Technology uses an anti-microbial touchpad which prevents cross-contamination.

It’s Not Your Father’s Water Cooler

Document Solutions offers the latest in water cooler technology. The 3i Pure Water Technology water cooler offers clean, contaminate free hot or cold water, without lifting heavy water bottles which take up office space and can become cost-prohibitive. This filtered water system is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and has 24-hour system monitoring, which continually checks for filter life, water quality, activated oxygen injection for freshness, and complete system functions. Our experts at Document Solutions will install and monitor your 3i Pure Water Technology water cooler in your New York and New Jersey businesses. For more information on 3i Pure Water Technology water coolers visit https://www.dsbls.com/water-coolers-new-jersey-new-york/3i-pure-water-filtered-water-cooler/.  Document Solutions – Business Life Simplified.