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Dark Web Monitoring Services in New Jersey: What’s the Difference Between Cyber Risks and the Dark Web and How are They Related?

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for individuals and businesses. Endless information is at your fingertips and most users are utilizing the internet for the greater good. With that said, the internet also poses a range of threats. With data floating around the dark web, businesses, and individuals who do not have dark web monitoring, are exposed to risks such as identity theft and the leaking of sensitive information that can be detrimental to businesses.  And since the pandemic began and so many more people are working remotely, the number of attacks have skyrocketed as the bad players exploit vulnerabilities.

  • Dark Web vs. Cyber Risks

Dark Web Monitoring Services, Managed Network Services in New Jersey, NJThe dark web, or deep web, is the part of the internet that is not visible to search engines. Content that is not indexed is passed along on the dark web and can include extremely sinister materials that are oftentimes illegal. The dark web poses a threat to businesses as sensitive information such as bank account numbers, credit cards, access credentials, identification information, and more can be shared by criminals wishing to do your business harm. Businesses can start to combat illegal deep web content through dark monitoring services!

On the other hand, cyber risks are defined as risks of financial loss, disruptions, and damages to individuals and companies as a whole. Cyber risks include denial-of-service, data breaches, identity theft, and much more.

  • Dark Web & Cyber Risks

Cyber risks and the dark web go hand-in-hand in that individuals can use sensitive information for profit or gain, either obtained from or uploaded back to the dark web. In some cases, hackers request ransoms from companies, requesting large sums of money in exchange for access back to your own data.  . Once your company has been breached, it’s hard to make a comeback.

Through dark web monitoring, you can keep your company safe and stop threats before they tarnish your reputation!

Our team of professionals at Document Solutions Business Life Simplified is armed with the knowledge and tools needed to keep your business safe. Combating cyber risks with technologies such as dark web monitoring help to keep business safeguarded against a variety of threats. In addition to our safety and security services, we also offer a vast range of services and technologies to keep your office running at optimal function 365 days a year. Whether your team is working from home, or you’re back in the office, it’s our goal to make organizations run smoothly so you can focus on what’s important. Chat with us today about your office management and security needs: (908) 653-0600.

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