Kyocera Printer vs. Xerox Printer for New Jersey Businesses

When you are tasked with setting up an office in New Jersey, there are many business machines you need to consider. One of the most important of those machines is the printer. With so many printers available, which is the right one for your office? Comparing two brands of printers will help narrow down the decision. Kyocera and Xerox both offer printers. Xerox has been a well-known brand since 1906 and Kyocera has been around since the 1960s.  In 2000, Kyocera branched out and, after strategic acquisitions, began making business machines under the name Kyocera Document Solutions Corporation. Since then, they have become a formidable player in the industry, producing high-quality printers. Document Solutions, Business Life Simplified, can help you determine which is the best Kyocera printer for your business needs.

Kyocera Copier Repair and Kyocera Copier Service in New JerseyPrinters and Multi-Functional Devices

Printers don’t just print anymore. Both Kyocera and Xerox offer multifunctional devices which can fax, scan, copy, and print. Laser and inkjet are available from both manufacturers. Kyocera has an edge as a more reliable printer, producing large volume, higher-quality prints, and is known as an easily operated printer. Kyocera is often thought of as a reasonably priced, small to mid-size office printer which requires low maintenance and is cost-effective. The experts at Document Solutions can work with you to determine your New Jersey business office printer needs. Understanding how many employees will be accessing the printer, volume, and usage patterns and calculating your copying and printing costs are just a few of the ways Document Solutions will manage your Kyocera color copiers and printers for your New Jersey Business.

Benefits by Brand

Xerox may have a recognized brand name, etched in our minds for decades, but realistically, that doesn’t mean it’s the best brand printer for your office.

Although a Xerox printer will support many paper types and offer high-quality production, they are costly and require high maintenance.

Kyocera has not only reached Xerox but has surpassed them by providing printers with:

  • longer life-spans
  • short warm-up periods
  • easy to operate
  • require less servicing

The experts at Document Solutions will help you determine the most efficient Kyocera printer for your business and implement a print management strategy to keep your printers running smoothly and more economically. For more information on Kyocera printers visit, ask the team at Document Solutions – Business Life Simplified.