Network Service and Managed Network Services in New Jersey, New York, NJ, and NY

Have you just moved to a new location? Are you planning a merger? Such significant decisions will require you to upgrade your systems.  Network updates are crucial and should be done by trusted companies like Document Solution Business Life Simplified. Starting in 1997, we have assembled the strongest management team which gives us an edge over the others in the industry. Recently we have expanded our IT sector which strengthens our position to provide dependable network service.  We have a team of specialized engineers who can design, deploy, and maintain the perfect business network for you. They use our auto-delete feature to make sure no data is left behind while moving to a new server, hard drive or cloud. Our professionals are trained to resolve any issues with your newly deployed network if any problem crops up post-installation. To protect your business from any major future losses, we mitigate any potential threat in your system. People living in the regions of New Jersey, New York, NJ, and NY partner with us because of our proper planning, design, and cutting-edge technology.

Network Service and Managed Network Services in New Jersey, New York, NJ, and NYBelow we have mentioned 2 important tips to improve your network performance. Take a look.

  1. Protocol Acceleration

Transmission Control Protocol is the most commonly used protocol. But as it waits for an acknowledgment of the message received from the receiving side, it tends to pause; this reduces its efficiency. Sending information in large packets will slow down the traffic. By splitting the packet sizes or increasing the window, you can reduce the effects of high latency.

  1. Bandwidth Management

With our current working style congestion in the network is unavoidable. To minimize its effect is quite a task. Implementing a bandwidth management function can be an option. These days there are lots of technologies like WAFS, content networking, and terminal servers that reduce latency by changing the model of networking.

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