Bizhub Sales, Repair & Service with Konica Minolta in New Jersey, NJ

Our company, Document Solutions, is a leading source of bizhub sales in New Jersey, and we decided to specialize in this particular line of copiers after doing a lot of research. We have been helping businesses around the state achieve their goal since 1997, so we have a great deal of experience to draw from. The bizhub series comes from Konica Minolta, which is a highly regarded provider of top quality business solutions of various kinds. Every business is unique, and some companies will require more from their copiers than others. Our NJ bizhub sales team can offer our clients a wide variety to choose from, because we carry a number of different models within this series. They are all multi-function copiers, so in addition to the copying function, the machines are also capable of scanning and printing. Our offerings include color copiers along with black and white models, so you have freedom of choice on that level as well.

We have you covered if you are looking for a brand new copier, but our services do not stop there. Our company is a comprehensive source of business assistance, so we specialize in bizhub service and bizhub repairs in New Jersey. It takes a particular brand of expertise to be able to work on these Konica Minolta products, so we have placed a huge emphasis on training. We have a large facility in Kenilworth that is nearly 30,000 square feet in size, and within this national headquarters, we have our own training center. The technicians that we send out into the field are very knowledgeable professionals, and they take a lot of pride in the work that they do for our customers. If you need NJ bizhub service sooner rather than later, we provide rapid emergency responses, so you can count on us to minimize your downtime.

In addition to the New Jersey bizhub sales, service, and repairs that we offer, we sell printers, including 3-D printers and production printers that can produce heavy volume quickly and efficiently. The business machinery that we sell and service is a huge part of our business, but we also provide managed IT services and managed print services.

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