Bottleless Water Cooler and Office Water Dispenser in New Jersey, and New York

Water dispenser technology is one of the most important and integral parts of an office. Having a good water cooler can play a vital role in the satisfaction of your employees and provide your office with clean drinking water that’s fresh, cold, and contaminant-free. But water cooler technology has changed drastically in the last decade, making office water dispensers cleaner and more efficient.

At Document Solutions, we’ve stayed current on the latest innovations in water cooler technology to provide businesses in New York and New Jersey with the best-filtered water cooler and water cooler rentals in the area: The Pure Water system! Working with your needs and your budget, we help you find the best bottleless water cooler that provides your office with the clean water you deserve.


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How to Clean a Traditional Water Cooler

Are you still using a traditional bottled water cooler? If so, it must be thoroughly cleaned once every 4 or 5 refills of the 5-gallon jug. Watch our how-to video, and learn how to properly clean a traditional water cooler, including what supplies you’ll need, and the steps you’ll need to take to thoroughly clean and sanitize your water cooler. Bottled water coolers that are not maintained regularly and have stagnant cold water sitting in the holding tank could become a breeding ground for bacteria. However, for bottleless water cooler systems, such as the 3i Pure Water, this laborious process isn’t necessary.

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    Bottleless Water Cooler in New YorkWater Cooler Rental for NJ and NY Businesses

    If you’re looking for a water cooler rental in NY or NJ then look no further than Document Solutions. We offer a range of water cooler rentals that include bottleless water cooler technology for businesses in New Jersey and New York. You may be wondering, however, why rent rather than buy a water cooler? Water cooler rentals are a great option for businesses due to their benefits including:

    • Frequent filter replacements – Water cooler rentals provide you with regular filter replacements so your bottleless water cooler is always producing clean drinking water.
    • Breakdown coverage – If something happens to your water cooler rental, then a repair or replacement is typically included in your water cooler rental service, making repairs hassle-free and efficient.
    • Monthly payments – When renting a water cooler, you have fixed monthly payments. Rather than paying one sum upfront, you can ultimately improve the cash flow of your business. If you are unsure that you will remain in the same office location in the next year or two, renting an office water dispenser gives you the flexibility to easily move out whenever you need.

    For whatever reason you decide to rent a water cooler, at Document Solutions we help you find the filtered water cooler rental that’s right for you. From models such as Interpure1, 3i Pure Water Technology, and bluV, we help you find the rental that fits your needs and your budget.

    Office Water Dispensers in New York, and New Jersey

    Finding quality water dispenser products in a marketplace flooded with options can be challenging. How can you tell if a product is safe, reliable, durable, and capable of meeting the claims made on its packaging and literature? WQA maintains a complete listing of all products and components that have earned the Gold Seal and Sustainability Marks. Only products that pass the rigorous testing requirements of industry standards, pass annual manufacturing facility audits, and comply with WQA’s Certification Schemes can be found in this listing.

    Our Pure Water coolers are certified by the Water Quality Association. This certification means the products have been tested and meet industry standards. Choosing a certified product ensures that the water dispenser is made from safe materials, and that the product has the durability to withstand normal usage conditions.

    Bottleless Water Cooler in New York

    Filtered Water Cooler for Office Use

    Filtered water coolers are a great addition to any office. By utilizing the most recent water cooler technology, filtered water coolers help you get great tasting drinking water without having to deal with running out of drinking water, or the hassle of changing heavy bottles. Not only do bottleless water coolers save you money on labor costs, they also save you space in your office.

    At Document Solutions, we offer bottleless water coolers to businesses in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. With all of the work that you have to do on a daily basis, you should not worry about your office water dispenser. We provide you with innovative water cooler technology that gives you an endless water supply no matter how many people are in your office. With filtered water coolers, you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling the water jugs in your office. At Document Solutions, we offer you clean and contaminant-free water, year-round.