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Copier Leasing in New York, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Do you often have to print important business documents or advertise products? Then, copiers might be an absolute necessity for you. Copiers will ensure that your printing work is done efficiently within a short span of time within the office itself. However, most businesses, especially when they are starting out, tend to refrain from making such investments. Any additional cost seems like a burden on them and it is understandable too. After all, a business has to take care of so many aspects. So, what’s the solution? You can opt for copier leasing instead of purchasing. We, at Document Solutions, offer advanced quality copiers on lease in and around New Jersey and New York.

Are you still wondering whether you should go for this? Then, take a look at these 3 good reasons why copier leasing is better than purchasing them.


First of all, leasing is much cheaper than purchasing. You don’t have to invest a fortune in these machines and yet you can enjoy the efficiency and productivity of a copier if you get it on the lease.

Be Updated

A copier, in most cases is not a one-time investment. Technology is evolving by the day and new models are crowding the market every year. So, if you want to keep your business on par with the present times, you have to upgrade your copier. But it might not be wise to spend a hefty amount every year on copiers. So, if you get them on the lease, you can get an updated version every year and at half the price.

No Maintenance & Repair

Since these copiers will not belong to you, there will be no hassle of maintaining them. And you will only get good quality copiers on the lease so there will be no question of it breaking down. Therefore, you are even spared from the repair costs.
So, now are you convinced of leasing the copiers for your business in NY and NJ? Then, without any further delay, give us a call at 877-937-6977 now.

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