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The Leading HP Copier Service in New Jersey

Document Solutions is the leading provider of HP copier service in NJ, and we have developed our expertise over the long haul. Our company was founded in 1997 in Kenilworth, and this is where our national headquarters is located. It takes a great deal of knowledge to be able to diagnose malfunctioning copiers, and there are new products and techniques being introduced on an ongoing basis as technology advances. We have always been committed to educating our team members so that they can provide our clients with impeccable New Jersey HP copier service. To this end, we have created our own training center within our facility, so our people are always at the top of their game. Plus, we are well aware of the need for a rapid response when your copier is not working properly. Downtime or efficient operation can dramatically reduce productivity, and time is money. We provide same day service, and we also prioritize emergency New Jersey HP copier service calls, so you can rely on us for timely assistance.

The copier repair work that we do is just one of the ways that we assist businesses throughout the Garden State. We also sell multi-function copiers, and we have black-and-white models and color models, so you have freedom of choice when you work with Document Solutions. In addition to the copiers, we have fax machines and scanners, and we carry a rather extensive line of printers. If you need a machine that can handle constant heavy lifting, the production printers that we offer will certainly pique your interest. We have multiple models that can produce 750,000 pages per month, and our highest capacity model can deliver 6 million pages each and every month. In addition to our NJ HP copier and printer service and sales, we offer ongoing maintenance for all types of office machines. Far too often, our repair people find that the proper maintenance could have prevented significant problems, so regular maintenance can save you time, and it can save you money in the long run.

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For HP copier service in New Jersey, Document Solutions is the only logical choice. If you would like to schedule a service call or discuss any of our offerings with a knowledgeable member of our team, give us a call at 908-653-0600 or 877-937-6977.