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Everyday Essentials of IT Management

Gone are the days of paper faxes and boxes of files.  The vast majority of business is done using computers and hand held devices.   We rely on email and the internet for our daily workflow.  Accounting is no longer on a ledger, it is kept on software.  Even our banking can be conducted on a mobile device from our own homes.  Technology has simplified business but can create its own problems.  What happens if the email is down or the computer won’t turn on?  How many of us are capable of fixing a system or network issue?

Effective IT management is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity. While in-house IT support is not always cost effective, timely access to a service professional is crucial.  There are endless numbers of independent consultants and IT Management firms to choose from.  Make sure you do due diligence to find a reputable and established company.  IT is not just about protecting data, it’s about keeping your business operating.

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