Managed IT Services, Maintenance, and Support for Business

Running a company is an involved process with many parts that need to work in sync to be successful. The core of most companies is IT management. Monitoring computer and network performance, troubleshooting and resolving issues, initiating upgrades and providing remote end-user support are just a few of the services that need constant supervision. Companies rely on Document Solutions Business Life Simplified for all their managed IT needs. Companies can rest easy knowing their IT needs are managed by one company that can provide and maintain business networks, consult on the best performing cloud services, offer document management and remote or on-site preventive and problem-solving maintenance. Document Solutions managed IT services consist of:

Proactive Services and Preventive Maintenance

  • We follow proven methods and procedures to ensure the IT environment runs effectively and efficiently while preventing issues that could affect network or computer performance. These procedures are executed through secure remote connections.

Monitoring and Reactive Support

  • Document Solutions or client-initiated support which responds to issues that arise.
  • On-site or remote troubleshooting or issue resolution.
  • 24-hour monitoring.

End-user Support

  • Remote telephonic and diagnostics support to address common end-user issues.

Server Management and Maintenance

  • Continually provide precautionary maintenance.
  • Updating of current Microsoft patches as approved via Managed IT Services patch management policy.
  • Activate the operating system or application upgrades.
  • Resolve issues identified through monitored service alerts.
  • Regular virus protection software maintenance and updates.
  • Scheduled temporary folders and files cleaning.
  • Supported servers, server applications, and services password resets.

Server Monitoring

  • Connectivity, key Windows services and key events continuous remote monitoring.
  • Disk space, CPU utilization, and memory utilization monitored.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve valid alert issues.

Network Devices

  • Routers, firewalls, and managed switches monitored continuously.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot complications regarding supported network devices, such as firewalls, routers, and managed switches.
  • Oversee built-in security services and firewall rules.

End User Computers

  • Connectivity continuously supported to servers, printers and the Internet.
  • Computer hardware and software inventoried.
  • Workstation Operating Systems supported and maintained.

Supported Workstation Operating Systems

  • Microsoft patches implemented as approved via managed IT patch management policy.
  • Virus and malware protection software updated and maintained.
  • Temporary folders and files from detected hard drives removed.

Mobile Devices, Remote Offices and Workers

  • Phones and tablets running Windows Mobile, iOS, or Android operating systems are supported by corporate network connectivity and have email synchronization.
  • Remote office connectivity supported.

File Directory and Print Services

  • Oversee data storage thresholds and create user directories for file management.
  • Set network printers and authorize printer user access.

Hosted Email Filtering

  • Questionable spam and viruses filtered.
  • Filtered and quarantined items stored in web portal for user review.

User Resources

  • User accounts and passwords, file and printer shares, user rights, mailboxes, aliases, and distribution lists created, modified and deleted per client request.

Data Backup

  • Automated backup of data continuously monitored and supported.
  • Document Solutions in conjunction with the client will schedule and arrange said backup

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