Office Equipment in New Jersey: 3D Printers, Water Coolers, Copier Supplies, & Network Services

Headquartered in Kenilworth, Document Solutions BLS has provided the best, most up-to-date office equipment for businesses in New Jersey since 1997.

3D Printers with a Printer Lease Option for Your NJ Office

Onsite 3D printers are becoming vital pieces of office equipment. You can use them to create dozens of customized versions of existing products—or even to fashion mock-ups of a proposed product, seeing it made to scale before you invest in custom injection molds for a new production line.

3D printers open up a world of possibilities for your business. Perhaps you’ve considered adding one to your existing office equipment. Maybe you don’t want to invest in one because you only need it for a short time to complete a specific project. Or maybe you’d like to take one for a spin before you purchase it. Document Solutions BLS can provide the 3D printers you need for your New Jersey office or production facility, and we offer long- or short-term printer lease options to meet your needs.

Office Equipment and Copier Supplies for Businesses in New Jersey

Even as businesses strive to become paperless, a copier remains an indispensable piece of office equipment—provided you have a steady stream of high-quality paper, toner, and other copier supplies in your New Jersey offices. Be ready to duplicate dozens of documents for your employees with copier supplies from Document Solutions BLS.

Why take away staff time from more pressing projects to monitor your copier supplies? When Document Solutions is managing your stock, you can focus on imperative business tasks, and you’ll never run out of essential copier supplies.

Water Coolers: Office Equipment to Keep Your NJ Office Productive

With features that will benefit your workplace in multiple ways, the high-tech water coolers installed and maintained by Document Solutions just might be the talk of your New Jersey office! Document Solutions BLS brings you several choices in water coolers, including versatile Interpure 1 water coolers, the budget-friendly blüV™ system, and the cutting-edge 3i from Pure Water Technology.

Enjoy a healthier workplace when you choose these coolers with water purification, ultraviolet dispenser sanitization, and anti-microbial water dispensing. Save money with self-monitoring water coolers that detect leaks and audit their own power utilization. Save time with water coolers that sanitize their own permanent holding tanks.

With refreshing cold water and insta-hot water dispensers for coffee and tea, water coolers from Document Solutions are fundamental pieces of office equipment that keep your staff healthy, happy, and hydrated.

Network Services

You may not think of network services as office equipment. However, most of your traditional office equipment—such as computers, printers, copiers, and fax machines—would have limited functionality without them.

In the ever-changing world of computer networking, Document Solutions BLS makes sure you stay connected. Our technicians undergo regular training at our Kenilworth, New Jersey headquarters, so they’re always up-to-date on the latest network services technologies. Document Solutions will install a network services package that’s customized for the needs of your New Jersey office, with the most effective networking technology available.

Call us at 908-653-0600 to discover the many ways that specialized office equipment from Document Solutions BLS can make your NJ workplace more efficient and productive.