Ooops, I think I broke the printer!

Yesterday was one of those days that I not only felt somewhat incompetent, I also realized how truly old I am – at least when it comes to understanding how office technology has evolved since the last time I was employed (12 years ago).  I was using a Konica Minolta multi-function printer that we sell and lease to businesses.  This machine does it all, printing, scanning, faxing, copying in color, making booklets etc. My double sided color copies were coming out beautifully but then the paper jammed, lights started flashing and everything stopped.

Amazingly this machine tells you exactly what door to open and which lever to move so that you can access the jam.  I nervously followed the instructions on the display, removed the jammed papers feeling so proud of my technical prowess. Years ago nobody touched the copier or printer except the technician.  But then a lever was stuck in the wrong position and the door wouldn’t catch. I was sure I touched something wrong and my ineptitude had just broken the copier. I really didn’t want to tell my boss I broke his best machine.

Needless to say, a visitor to our office was standing nearby during my distress and walked right over, pushed a small metal pin to release the lever and closed the door.   Problem solved.  Jen extremely grateful and slightly embarrassed.  It seems that Konica Minolta machines are so simple to use anyone, even child, could probably change toner and troubleshoot problems.  Our company tagline is right, our products and solutions do make Business Life Simplified.

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