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Can One Single Employee Put Your Company Data at Risk?

Yes, and It’s More Common Than You May Think

It’s scary to consider that one employee’s actions could expose your company’s private data to cybercriminals.  There is no shortage of websites that offer free games or free web applications, that are enticing to the average employee.  That employee may not think twice about setting up a personal account on that free gaming website, using their personal, or business email account.  What’s the harm?  It’s free, right?

Statistically, about 80% of computer users will use the same password for every account that they create.  By creating that free account, your employee has now indirectly exposed your business to a potential breach.

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Don’t be Reactive – be Proactive!

You paid for Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and carefully protect your business network.  You know the risks associated with unpatched computers or faulty backups.  But even with the best business security practices, and the best network security software, your business will still be vulnerable to a cyber-attack, brought on by a personal password, which was hacked from a website breach.

These breaches happen constantly.  Evites, Words with Friends, and Equifax are just a few of these “free services” that have been breached, and passwords are available for anyone to purchase online. The stolen passwords are being sold on the Dark Web to the highest bidder.

Using sophisticated methods, and powerful software at their disposal, those credentials can be used to access other websites, where that employee may have used the same email address and password, including banking/credit card websites, as well as your cloud-hosted business applications.

Monitoring the Dark Web for any business credentials that may be for sale, and a sophisticated business protection policy, are critical components in any modern cybersecurity policy.  The sooner that you can identify any exposed credentials, the sooner that you can begin securing your system, to prevent any unnecessary exposure.

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Prevent, Monitor, Report, and Predict

Your digital credentials are among the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web. Are your company’s credentials already for sale on the Dark Web? Document Solutions can help you discover if your company’s credentials have already been compromised. We offer monitoring services to help businesses prevent Dark Web identity theft.

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