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Hudson County Bar Company Golf Outing 2015

Event Summary

Document Solutions has been a proud sponsor of the Hudson County Bar for the past five years. We often find ourselves putting a lot of effort into our event planning so these events run as smooth as possible. We participate in these events to potentially gain business with companies to offer our award winning services as well as our new line of products, such as the KIP 940 Color System. (A technical color wide format system with the new KIP System K software platform).

With the help of Document Solutions Business Life Simplified, attendants of the event were able to enjoy a stress free day of golfing while we offered them free cigars. Our goal of attending these events is to create a community brand name behind our company and that is what we feel happens with events such as these.

The day was an overall success, with Document Solutions meeting many friendly faces and having a relaxing day. The most memorable occurrence during the event was the 18th hole, with excited golfers lined up to win a chance at $10,000 simply for being able to get a hole in 1. It generated a lot of excitement and created a real challenge for all, although no one was able to achieved this ludicrous shot.

Overall, Document Solutions Business Life Simplified was excited to establish a lot of business to business (BTB) connections and is very excited for the event next year!

Evan Rokoszak, Carmin Roth and Maricela Ortiz enjoying the event
Evan Rokoszak, Carmin Roth and Maricela Ortiz enjoying the event



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