When Did You Last Sanitize Your Office Equipment?

Staying ahead of germs and viruses by taking extra precautions around your workspace can be a great step in protecting your company and employees.

When was the last time you properly cleaned your office copier, printer, or water coolers? We recommend that you sanitize your office equipment and surfaces at work on a regular basis.

But where do you begin?

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Stay Safe!

Office Cleaning Tips from Document Solutions


Use the Proper Tools and Cleaner

Wet a clean rag or cloth with isopropyl alcohol or other antibacterial cleansers. Microfiber cleaning cloths are a great choice.

do not spray directly on machines

Please do not spray onto or apply any fluids directly to the panel or keyboard; this may cause issues with the electronics.

wipe down in small, circular motion

Then wipe down control panel, pushbuttons, document feeder handles, paper tray handles, drip trays, and any other surfaces that are touched frequently.

Please rotate your device