Water Coolers in New York, NY

Water Coolers in New York, NY

For businesses in New York, water coolers are a must, but far too many people are using old, outdated systems that create a host of inefficient hassles. First of all, there is the availability factor. There is nothing more annoying than the sight of a big, empty five gallon water bottle sitting sadly on top of a rickety old dispenser. Plus, there is the matter of purity. Is your old, outdated water dispensing machine providing your team members with truly pristine drinking water? What about the plastic bottles, is it possible that the chemical composition can have a negative impact on drinking water? There is also the matter of the labor involved with old school water coolers New York businesses often use. Lifting a very heavy water bottle can be dangerous, but you may need to refill the dispenser before the service person is scheduled to arrive. And speaking of the service person, the visits interrupt your normal working environment, and this adds to the inefficiency of the whole process.

If you are thinking that all of the above is true, but they are “necessary evils,” we can provide you with an alternative. The water coolers New York business decision makers can obtain from our company take an entirely different, high-tech approach. There are no bottles involved, because the systems dispense water at the point of installation. This is one enormous advantage that these modern water coolers provide, but there are numerous others.

When it comes to the quality of the water, there are a number of different built-in features that actually boggle the mind. We source the water coolers NY customers can obtain from us through a company called Pure Water Technology, and we offer three different systems. Microbiological contamination is eradicated by the auto tank sanitation feature, and the activated oxygen injection technology oxygenates the water, and this produces a profoundly fresh taste. There is also a filter replacement notification light built in, so you will know exactly when to replace the filter. The units come with an antimicrobial touchpad that creates sanitary conditions that mitigate the transference of germs among people using the drinking water system, and this is another advantage.

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Action is required if you are living in the past with regard to your water coolers. New York residents can reach us by phone right now at 212-468-5200, and we can also be contacted toll-free at 877-937-6977.

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