Unified Communications and VOIP Phone Systems & Security in New Jersey: Keeping Your Virtual Team Connected While Working from Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way companies operate. With various team members working from the comfort of their homes, businesses have had to adapt to accommodate their employees and clients. While no one knows how long the pandemic will last, some argue that some teams will never go back to the office. Whether that’s true or not, businesses have had to adapt to managing virtual teams to keep business running smoothly.

Unified Communications and VOIP Phone Systems & Security in New JerseySome of the most practical tools for managing remote teams include unified communications / VOIP phone systems & security. Through the careful and strategic interactions of remote teams, businesses are utilizing technology to improve collaboration, communication, and security amongst team members and clients. But how do these tools really help your business?

  • Unified Communications – Unified Communications include a range of technological solutions such as unified messaging platforms, video calling, instant messaging, etc. Some tasks and information cannot be effectively communicated through only email or only phone, which is why unified communications allow for immediate contact that helps your team stay connected no matter where they are, using a variety of methods (phone, email, SMS, video, and others).
  • VOIP Phone Systems – Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems allow businesses to make voice calls using any internet connection as opposed to traditional phone lines. Functioning like a regular telephone, VOIP phone systems are great for keeping in contact with clients and virtual customer service support as it allows your office phone line and extension to exist anywhere.
  • Security & Risk Management – In and out of the office, security should be a priority for businesses. Security and continuity systems such as firewall management, secure endpoints, backups, and dark web monitoring can control and mitigate threats that can be detrimental to your company.

At Document Solutions Business Life Simplified, we uphold our promise of making business life simplified by providing our clients in New Jersey, and surrounding areas with the tools and technologies needed to work from home effectively. Systems such as unified communications / VOIP phone systems & security systems help to improve communications with clients and employees in the virtual working space. Keeping up on the latest trends and advancements in office technology, we equip New Jersey businesses with all the tools they need to succeed during these uncertain times. Give us a call at (908) 653-0600 to learn more about a unified communication systems for your virtual team!