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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Phone System?

Managed Voice Services

Managed Voice Services reduce the complexity of traditional voice providers. Depending on your business phone system needs, our simplified solutions offer two ways to connect your team. Whether you choose SIP Trunking or a total solution with Hosted PBX, you’ll experience a phone system that comes with a single point of contact and the same best-in-class support you’ve become familiar with from our other IT services. Managed Voice services are engineered to deliver the highest quality of voice service and cloud-based unified communications.

Hosted PBX with Unified Communications

We offer a hosted, cloud-based PBX solution delivering voice with advanced features. Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing and cost efficient services for small and medium size businesses using unified communications. Benefit from one platform and one point of contact delivering increased flexibility, low maintenance, simplification and advanced features.

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Advantages of Hosted PBX:

  • Unified Communications for Improved Productivity, Collaboration and More
  • Redundancy is Built into the Network, Eliminating Communication Failure
  • Eliminates Onsite PBX Equipment
  • Reduces Long Distance Costs
  • Provides Advanced Calling Features, Flexibility, and Mobility
  • Reduces/Eliminates Traditional Telephone Lines
  • Three or Four Digit Dialing Everywhere
  • Local and National Phone Numbers Available


SIP trunking is a widely used communications service which replaces traditional phone systems with an internet based system. SIP trunking is a popular way for businesses to minimize their telephone expenses and improve their telecommunication bandwidth. Some useful benefits include:

  • ✔ Cost Savings Over Existing Telecom Solutions
  • ✔ Reduced Opex for Voice and Data Services
  • ✔ Ability to Reuse Existing Handsets
  • ✔ Future-Proofing with IP Services
  • ✔ High Quality Voice Service
  • ✔ Ability to Keep Existing Handsets and Phone System

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6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Office Phone System

The average business phone system has a lifespan of only six to eight years. After that, the system is either out of the maintenance or lagging in features (or both). Does your office phone system still work well for your business needs?

Learn about the telltale signs that your phone is behind the times. If you experience one or several of the issues in this article, it may be time for an upgrade.

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