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Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher™ Phoenix is a family of workflow automation products that optimizes business processes, reduces costs, and increases productivity for any organization. Dispatcher Phoenix products include a complete set of document processing features, such as advanced job routing, file parsing, document indexing and folder browsing at the MFP panel, file conversion to PDF or Microsoft Office, barcode recognition, metadata-based processing, annotation, watermark, image repair, and zonal OCR. Using a graphical Workflow Builder, workflows can be easily and quickly created to meet customers’ document processing needs.
Dispatcher Phoenix is available in three distinct and customizable solutions to meet customer needs most effectively and efficiently:

  • Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations. An easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective solution that provides a wide range of document imaging, processing, routing, and printing features. Optional modules can be included at any time to add even greater power and functionality to your workflows.
  • Dispatcher Phoenix Professional. Dispatcher Phoenix Professional includes all of the standard functionality found in Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations along with advanced features such as file parsing and routing based on page count, color, metadata processing, and much more. Ideal for when you need to directly interact with or manipulate files.
  • Dispatcher Phoenix Legal. Designed specifically for legal professionals, Dispatcher Phoenix Legal includes all of the standard functionality found in Dispatcher Phoenix Foundations along with features such as advanced Bates stamping, PDF file conversion, intelligent redaction and highlighting, and much more.


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