How to Prepare and Sanitize Your Water Cooler When You Resume Work After COVID-19

Getting Back to Business

As offices begin to reopen, we recommend and encourage proper cleaning and sanitization procedures for ‘getting back to business’ and keeping the water coolers clean.

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Guidelines for use:

  • Keep disinfection wipes close to your PWT machine to sanitize after each use.
  • Tape a 6-foot radius around the machine to ensure proper social distancing.
  • If not installed near a sink, offer hand sanitizer so users can quickly disinfect their hands before and after each use.

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Stay Safe!Cleaning & Sanitization of Water Coolers

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Has Your Cooler Been Inactive for an Extended Period of Time?

Many businesses are discovering there is a lot to prepare and improve upon after re-opening their business. In addition to maintaining new standards in everyday office hygiene, there are maintenance aspects to consider as well. If your office water cooler has been inactive for any extended period of time, there are some critical steps that need to be taken to ensure the water cooler is ready for general use again.

Here are the recommended steps for preparing your office water dispenser after sitting idle:

11. Gather the proper equipment

A bucket (5-gallon if available), nonabrasive disinfecting wipe or spray, paper towels or single-use cleaning rag. Wash hands for 20 seconds and put on disposable gloves.

22. Flush the tank

Dispense 2 gallons of water for each water type – hot, cold and any other water selections available into the bucket and dispose.

33. Dispose of Ice

If your office water cooler also dispenses ice, completely empty any current ice and the next batch that is made.

44. Wipe down unit

Using disinfection wipes, wipe down all surfaces of the water cooler including dispensing area, pedals, and touchscreen.

55. Create guidelines for safe practices

Tape a 6-foot radius around the office water dispenser for personal social distancing. Instruct users to disinfect the dispenser after each use and wash hands before and after each use. If the office water dispenser is not located near a sink, supply hand sanitizer at the water dispenser alongside disinfecting wipes.

Need some assistance? Contact us to request water cooler maintenance services.

Stay Safe!

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