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Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Trash or Treasure?

We have all been presented with a customer satisfaction survey, whether at a restaurant or as a client to a service and sales based company. Document Solutions sends a survey to every customer after a copy machine service call. Many people don’t bother to fill one out because they presume it will be tossed in a file, never to be seen by anyone who can effect change. This is not how things work at Document Solutions.

The desire to be heard is human nature. The ability to listen is a skill.  If a customer is requested to take time out of their day to fill out surveys, management has an obligation to read them.  Providing exemplary service is the backbone of maintaining your customer base.  Companies should personally contact each individual who responds and either thank them for their positive words, or directly address any concerns they express.  Anything less is wasting a valuable opportunity to strengthen your business relationships.

Have you taken the time to fill out a customer satisfaction survey?  If so, what impact would it have if you received a response?

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