DSBLS & American Water

Upgrades Camden City School District with Touchless Water Coolers

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Water For Kids!

DSBLS & American Water

Upgrades Camden City School District with Touchless Water Coolers

The DS Water Team has partnered with American Water Charitable Foundation (AWCF) and New Jersey American Water for the successful installation of our state-of-the-art touchless water coolers and reverse osmosis systems in the Camden City School District’s kitchen and cafeterias. Our cutting-edge technology offers the latest features in touchless use, anti-microbial surface, reverse osmosis, activated oxygen self-cleaning, and eco-friendliness.

drinking water

The systems were funded by the AWCF and New Jersey American Water as part of an effort to improve students’ access to water for drinking and reduce the usage of bottled water. Our touchless water coolers offer a safer and more hygienic solution to traditional water dispensers. With the current global health crisis, it’s more important than ever to reduce the spread of germs. Our touchless technology ensures that users can access water without touching the dispenser, minimizing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses.

We are thrilled to have been able to provide the Camden City School District with our cutting-edge water cooler and reverse osmosis systems. Our goal is to provide safe, clean, and eco-friendly drinking water solutions to schools and other organizations in the tri-state area.

Why Schools Switch To Us?

Point Of Use

Filtered Cooler

  • Eliminate Rising Bottled Water Costs
  • Eliminate the Need for Water Bottle Storage
  • Maintenance Done Routinely By Certified Water Technicians
  • No More Lifting Bottles (Reduce Workplace Injuries)
  • Removes Lead, Arsenic, and Other Chemicals (Reverse Osmosis)
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (Bottle Counter)
  • Hassle Free Installation (Simple As Hooking Up A Coffee Maker)
  • Reduce The Spread of Germs (Antimicrobial Touchpad)
  • Inverted Nozzle (No More Lips On The Spout)
  • 5 Stages Of Purification
Bottled Water

5-Gallon Jugs

  1. High Variable Cost
  2. Lifting of Heavy Bottles
  3. Limited Supply
  4. Takes Up Alot of Storage
  5. Transporting The Bottles from Cooler to Cooler
  6. Unsanitary
  7. Usually Improperly Maintained (Requires Cleaning every Quarter)
  8. No Touch-Free Option Available
Bottle Stations


  1. Poor-Tasting Water
  2. Unhealthy Source Of Water (Little-No Filtration)
  3. Poorly Maintained
  4. Germ Collectors
  5. Unsanitary
  6. Limited Temperature Range
  7. No Leak Detection

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