Konica Minolta KIP 940


KIP 940

Konica Minolta KIP 940 product description

The KIP 940 is a color and black & white high production print system. The system is a comprehensive solution for all types of wide format printing tasks that require the highest levels of quality and performance.

  • Up to 3,500 sq. ft. / 325 sq. m. hour in color
  • Up to 4,200 sq. ft. / 390 sq. m. hour in b&w
  • CMYK Dry Toner System
  • Range of Media Types
  • Waterproof & Lightfast Images

Smart, Multi-Touch Controls
All system functions are performed through its large, 12″ display with vivid multi-touch color controls that instantly respond to your touch.

Total Touchscreen Control.  Combining power, speed and control, the large color screen allows you access to all major system functions from one interface and see results immediately.

Major Media Capacity.  Long print runs are no problem with three integrated, auto-loading media roll drawers that provide ultra-fast switching between rolls for collated sets of varying sizes or media types.

It All Stacks Up.  An integrated stacking system gives you a convenient place to stack multiple prints, while bi-directional communication allows you to schedule unattended print runs. The folding and finishing system automates wide-format document production by combining several functions into one unit.

Copy & Scan Connectivity.  Enjoy pixel-perfect reproduction with true 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution via an optional integrated KIP scanner with advanced optics and precision transport mechanism.

Print Control for Any Production Environment.  The KIP 940 provides the most open, integrated and powerful wide-format color and B&W production solution out there. From color management to printing, applications drivers to touchscreen control to cloud printing capabilities, this system streamlines production workflow and increases productivity.

It’s in the Cloud.  A direct Email-based feature that doesn’t require intermediate servers, KIP Cloud Printing provides complete document privacy and security for printing from any connected device.

Keeping The Planet Green.  You can be sure that KIP products perform to the highest standards as well as enhance end-user value by integrating environmental benefits such as energy efficiency, emissions reduction and recyclable supply containers.

Konica Minolta KIP 940 FAQ's

Most deliveries take 7-10 business days, There have been cases where it has been less than 7-10 days, but that’s a good rule of thumb to go by.

Most copiers come with the ability to print to them wirelessly. Some manufacturers require an additional piece of hardware in order to make this work.

Most machines have the capability to report vital information including things like toner levels. Check with your provider to ensure that your equipment has that capability.

We have a toll free number located on the yellow label on the front of our equipment. You may call the number for supplies and, providing the equipment ID number, request any supplies you may need. You also have use of our website to also order supplies online. You may also submit a supply request via email at [email protected] or via our website at www.dsbls.com/support/order-supplies

It is the customer’s obligation to contact the leasing company either by phone, email or certified mail to obtain the Return Instructions (RA) and ship the equipment to a location designated by the leasing company. RA instructions will only be provided once the final lease invoice has been satisfied. Typically, the customer would call the leasing company within the notification period specified in the terms and conditions of the original “Lease Agreement”, and provide them with a written Letter of Intent (LOI) indicating their end of lease option.

All leases are non-cancelable as per the terms and conditions of the original lease agreement. If the customer wants to return the copier prior to lease expiration, the customer will need to reach out to the leasing company directly. In most cases the stream of payments and a residual amount will need to be satisfied to terminate the lease early.