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Simplicity and Service

Copy machines and printers are used constantly in all types of businesses.  With this in mind,  Konica Minolta designed their machines to make it simple to change toner, clear jams, and address continuous use issues. Document Solutions can simplify your life further with an award winning service team as well as print fleet management to ensure you get optimized performance from your business machines.

I personally experienced this outstanding service when I was yet again working on another very large, very important print job using the Konica Minolta 6500.  The machine kept jamming every three copies or so.  While the construction of the machine makes removing jams incredibly easy, I usually don’t have recurring jams with Konica Minolta print systems.  I double checked the paper weight as well as the paper type – all good.  It was time to put in a service call because as simple as changing toner and clearing jams are, I was not going to start taking the machine apart.  I already thought I broke it once.

Sam, our resident 6500 expert, came to take a look.  He saw a slight dent in the paper, but the color and image were perfect.  He instantly knew the paper was catching on something after it printed.  It was most likely the smallest little imperfection that was causing the problem, and he assured me he would find it.

Fast forward about two hours and Sam showed me a part from the machine that had the tiniest little slice in the plastic that guides the paper though the machine.  He explained that when the paper came in contact with this piece, it would catch and stop the machine.  He found a needle in a haystack and solved all of my printer problems.  If I had been a customer, I would have posted a testimonial for Sam on our website.

The lesson of this story is – don’t hesitate to call a service technician if something is not working properly with your printer/copier.  Our technicians are so extensively trained that they can find that needle in your haystack.  You can also take advantage of print fleet management.  One of its many advantages is the automated alert to our service team if there is a recurring issue that needs to be checked out.  We come out and make adjustments before your workflow is interrupted. Business. Life. Simplified.

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