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Document Solutions announces an innovation in COVID-19 management for water coolers – foot pedal control for touchless operation.

The new hands-free method of dispensing was created in response to the need for sanitized and low-contact office water dispenser solutions. Document Solutions offers the durable, hands-free foot pedal for the 3i, 2i, and Blu-V water coolers from Pure Water Technology.

Easy to Install • Easy to Use • Safer for All

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    The Simple Way to Improve Office Health and Safety.

    Dual Foot Pedal for Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

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    Now Offering the Touchless-Dispense Dual Foot Pedal

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    With this dual-pedal design, your water coolers will be able to dispense hot and cold water, and your ice dispensers will be able to dispense ice and cold/ambient water, all while utilizing our hands-free setup.

    Our plug and play pedal includes a factory wiring harness for an easy and professional retrofit, in minutes. No cutting or splicing required!

    • Simple, hands-free dispensing of hot and cold water
    • 3-second hold-time hot water safety feature
    • Plug-and-play integration with your existing 3i, 2i, and Blu-V water cooler, and will not void any pre-existing warranties

    Yes! I Want to Preorder a Touchless-Dispense Dual Foot Pedal!

      A Perfect Companion for the 3i Office Water Fill Station

      The 3i water fill station offers top features often sought after in a filtered water cooler. This model is perfect when looking to meet both the needs and preferences for large offices.

      Accommodating features include:

      • High capacity reservoir, compressor, and drip tray
      • Dent-resistant steel frame
      • Dispensing area light
      • Optimal dispense height and area
      • 24/7 system monitoring

      Two important distinguishing factors that separate the 3i from other solutions:

      Organic anti-microbial coating helps maintain the cleanliness of touch-pad.

      On-board, multi-stage, reverse osmosis purification.

      3i Water Dispenser by Pure Water

      Do you know how to properly sanitize your water cooler to prevent the spread of germs?

      A water cooler that has been inactive for an extended period of time requires some upkeep before reuse. Following the proper procedures not only helps the water cooler run well for longer, but it also helps ensure the drinking water is safe for consumption. However, the safety of your water cooler can be compromised in other ways. Properly sanitizing your water coolers may help to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. At Document Solutions, we encourage all of our clients to take these small precautions so everyone stays safe!

      5 steps you need to take to get your water cooler ready to reopen and stay open
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