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Designed specifically to address repeated touching by numerous users…

The Safer Solution for Office Water Cooler Dispensers

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Document Solutions announces an innovation in COVID-19 management for water coolers – foot pedal control for touchless operation.

    1. This new retrofit is available now for preorder from Document Solutions. The new pedal will allow offices in New York and New Jersey to meet current COVID-19 transmission concerns by providing a safer point-of-use bottleless water cooler system. Additionally, these offices will still benefit from eliminating the environmental impact of bottled water.
      This hands-free solution can help you reduce the spread of germs and viruses at your office!

A Perfect Companion for the 3i Office Water Fill Station

Go Touchless!

Accommodating features include:

  • Foot pedal activated design allows simple
    handsfree dispensing of water
  • Organic anti-microbial coating helps maintain
    the cleanliness of touch-pad.
  • High capacity reservoir, compressor, and drip tray
  • Dent-resistant steel frame
  • Dispensing area light
  • Optimal dispense height and area
  • 24/7 system monitoring

The new hands-free method of dispensing was created in response to the need for sanitized and low-contact office water dispenser solutions. Document Solutions offers the durable, hands-free foot pedal for the 3i, 2i, and Blu-V water coolers from Pure Water Technology.

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Go Touchless!

Dual Foot Pedal for Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

Innovation in COVID-19 management for office water coolers

Foot pedal control for touchless operation! With this dual-pedal design, your water coolers will be able to dispense hot and cold water while utilizing our hands-free setup.

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Office employees having break near water cooler

With this dual-pedal design, your water coolers will be able to dispense hot and cold water, and your ice dispensers will be able to dispense ice and cold/ambient water, all while utilizing our hands-free setup.

Our plug and play pedal includes a factory wiring harness for an easy and professional retrofit, in minutes. No cutting or splicing required!

  • Simple, hands-free dispensing of hot and cold water
  • 3-second hold-time hot water safety feature
  • Plug-and-play integration with your existing 3i, 2i, and Blu-V water cooler, and will not void any pre-existing warranties


For Touchless Water Cooler Operation

Sensor activated design allows simple touch-free dispensing of hot and cold water.

The PWT PSD sensor offers a touchless-dispense option for hot and cold water.  Plug-and-play installation with a factory wiring harness included. Requires a hole be drilled in the plastic panel for the wiring to pass through. Easy, professional retrofit in minutes.

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