Urgent Warning About CryptoLocker Virus

The CryptoLocker virus is a serious threat to PCs that will make your files permanently inaccessible.  Network security and anti-virus may not be enough to keep your data safe from this destructive virus. Once your PC is infected, it is virtually impossible to restore your files.  Backup systems and shared files are also at risk if they are connected to your PC when the virus installs.

While CryptoLocker can easily be removed, once it locks your hard drive the data becomes inaccessible.  The hackers have reportedly restored files after being paid a ransom, but it is important to remember that this is extortion and there is no guarantee that the creators will restore your data. There is a good article on Snopes.com  that provides detailed information on this new threat and how it is being spread.

Document Solutions recommends that you make sure that your anti-virus is functional and up to date to help prevent infection. Additionally, test your backups to ensure that you can recover your data in the event of infection. If you need assistance with either, contact our IT department immediately to schedule an appointment.

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