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Questions to Ask When Buying a Copier

There are numerous choices of copier companies when purchasing a copier in New Jersey. Many firms advertise online for copiers in New Jersey and the options can be overwhelming. It is important to consider how your business will use its copier and what type of service your copier in New Jersey will require.

Some important questions to ask any copier sales company are:

Do you plan to buy or lease your copier in New Jersey?
Does your copier require networking?
Will you require a multifunction copier for scanning, faxing, and printing?
When calling for copier service or support, will you be able to speak with a live person from the US in seconds?
Will you speak with a local copier company, familiar with your account, every time you call?
When making a service call for your copier in New Jersey, will you receive email updates of the status of your call for copier service?
Will your copier company provide free and unlimited training on your copy machine?
Will toner and other copier supplies be included in your maintenance contract?

If your potential vendor can answer yes to those questions, then you have found the right company to provide your copier and your copier maintenance. Research many copier companies online and ask them these important questions before buying or leasing a copier in New Jersey. If you take the time to perform due diligence, your copier will maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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