Business IT

How We Provide Business IT Services

IT Security

Office technology advances at break-neck speed, so you want to have the most robust services available to safeguard your data, encrypt your files, and maintain your security. Document Solutions offers the latest information technology security possible for personal or public systems.

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Managed Print Services

Document Solutions print services help you keep your business printing costs low and your procedures efficient by grouping all your output devices into a single administrative package. Businesses will sometimes purchase the best, top-of-the-line printer, thinking its cost represents its quality. The most expensive printer might not be what the company needs, though, and the purchase could end up not being cost effective.

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Data Backup Solutions

Data loss can be a devastating issue to overcome – client files, business records, and many other sensitive documents can be essential to the efficient operation of your company. Document Solutions Simplifies Business Life by offering you a complete backup system which can be used alone or in addition to other recovery systems you already use.

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Application Solutions

As technology develops, application solutions must also constantly evolve in order to keep pace with the digital age. Document Solutions offers secure application solutions and printing software for many industries.

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Office Systems

The modern business office is synchronized across all its platforms so that it runs smoothly and efficiently, and new technologies make these solutions that were once available only to large corporations is now readily deployable in small and midsized companies.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Document Solutions has over 15 years of experience helping our clients in New Jersey and New York streamline their administrative support overhead in graphics, printing and photocopying production, an often overlooked business cost.

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Workflow Redirection

Excellent business processes keep your costs low while maintaining customer response. Our focused approach to workflow redirection and business process improvement re-engineering will drive your office efficiency to its peak.

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Facilities Management

When you have a large scale document imaging project with a tight deadline or you’re looking for some assistance to help your business launch an on-premise or off-premise scanning solutions and printing department, Document Solutions has you covered.

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Searching for a Solution?

We simplify your business life by providing award winning customer service and proactive management of your office technology and networking services.

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Document Solutions Simplifies your Business Life with proactive management of all your office equipment and IT services.

We have more than 25 years of experience helping businesses from sole proprietorships to multi-site internationals to meet all their office technology needs. We provide a single point of contact for increased responsiveness, office technology expertise, and dedication to keeping your equipment operating at peak efficiency. And we offer all-inclusive contracts for worry-free support.

We have nearly two decades of experience committed to providing excellent customer service, and our responsive, award-winning Service Department delivers the best solutions available in Edison, Elizabeth, Livingston, Woodbridge, Summit, and Kenilworth, New Jersey. Our experienced technicians will keep your computers running, your data secure, and your business moving forward. Document Solutions stays on the cutting edge of business practices and technologies to bring you the best office equipment and office solutions around – it’s our guarantee.

We can provide all of your office equipment needs.

Whatever your office equipment needs, Document Solutions Simplifies your Business Life – from copy machines, 3D printers, copier repairs, and other office solutions, such as enterprise-level management solutions like Konica Minolta Bizhub, Document Solutions has it all. We can connect you to the latest technological resources to help your office run more effectively, and our expertise with implementing new technologies ensures you’re never using yesterday’s technology while competing in a modern business landscape. Contact us today to discover how we can make your office work better for you. Document Solutions is Business Life Simplified.

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